#TotalMarketTalk Podcast Ep. 6 – (Lizette Williams, Head Of Cultural Engagement & Experiences, McDonald’s Corporation)

#TotalMarketTalk is the only PODCAST of its kind exclusively dedicated to leading the Latinx business conversation across media, marketing and entertainment, hosted by David Chitel, CEO & Founder of NGL Collective, the leading independent Latinx media and entertainment company co-founded by actor, John Leguizamo.

This NEW edition of #TotalMarketTalk features Lizette Williams, Head Of Cultural Engagement & Experiences, McDonald’s Corporation.

Tune in to hear Lizette talk about:

  • Growing up as an Afro-Latina in NYC
  • Her unique role as Head Of Cultural Engagement & Experiences at McDonald’s Corporation
  • Leading with “culture” across music, sports and entertainment
  • Tapping into sub-cultures to connect with consumer passion points on a deeper level
  • The future of the multicultural media, marketing and entertainment space



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