#TotalMarketTalk Podcast – Ep. 4 (Wake Up And Smell The Cafecito…)

Welcome to a bonus 2018 year’s end holiday edition of #TotalMarketTalk, the only PODCAST of its kind exclusively dedicated to leading the Latinx business conversation across media, marketing and entertainment hosted by David Chitel, CEO & Founder of NGL Collective.

A little over a year ago, some of you might remember that David wrote a 5,000+ word piece called “Wake Up And Smell the Cafecito, The Despacito and The Total U.S. Hispanic Market.” Yup 5,000+ words! In the spirit of turning it into an audio book of sorts, David decided to narrate the piece in its entirety while updating a few bits and adding some color commentary for further context. Feel free to read along if you like by CLICKING HERE.  Enjoy the listen!



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