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NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 – NGL Collective announced today the launch of its new NGL LIFESTYLE platform super-serving the coveted U.S. Latina audience.  Leveraging its owned and operated Hispanic Kitchen, Latina Moms and Hispanicize properties along with exclusive partners, BeLatina and Mi Padrino, the NGL LIFESTYLE platform will connect advertisers with U.S. Latinas in-language, in-culture and in-context across different lifecycles and passion points.  Coupled with NGL’s proprietary social AI technology, #1 status per comScore (12MM+ U.S. Latinas/Month) and massive social influencer and celebrity roster, NGL LIFESTYLE provides advertisers with turn-key access at scale to U.S. Latinas across categories (food, beauty & fashion, wellness, parenting and pop culture) and platforms.

“True to NGL’s DNA, we’ve continued to innovate during these uncertain times.  Our new NGL LIFESTYLE platform will deliver the true scale, engagement and authentic connectivity with U.S. Latinas that advertisers are seeking.  As a Latina myself, I can attest to the collective power and influence of our audience who are primary drivers of household purchases while balancing careers and family,” said President of NGL Social, Piera Garibaldi, who will be leading the NGL LIFESTYLE initiative.

NGL LIFESTYLE welcomes Ana Patricia Gamez (Actress), Karla Martinez (TV Host), Karina Banda (TV Host), Chef James (Award-Winning Chef, TV Personality & Author), Ana Jurka (Sports Commentator & TV Host), Laura Posada (Master Coach, Motivational Speaker & Creator of ’40 Is The New 20’ Movement), Ana Quincoces (TV Personality, Chef & Author) and Carlos Ponce (Actor, Singer & TV Host) to the collective as celebrity talent ambassadors at launch time.  Additional celebrity and influencer talent will be added to the NGL LIFESTYLE core roster in the coming weeks and months.

“The unique combination of NGL’s owned and operated properties and exclusive partnerships along with the scale and AI-driven connections delivered via NGL Media and NGL Social truly sets our NGL LIFESTYLE platform apart for advertisers who are seeking new ways connect with U.S. Latinas and those with affinities to food, beauty & fashion, wellness, parenting and pop culture from a Latinx perspective,” said NGL’s CRO, Joe Bernard.

The unique pillars of NGL LIFESTYLE can be utilized in unison or as separate entities tailored to different Latina audience segments.  Touting more than 1.3MM followers on Facebook alone, Hispanic Kitchen is the #1 platform of its kind for advertisers seeking a connection to our core audience through Latinx food and cuisine.  Powered by social influencers, celebrity moms and passionate contributors, Latina Moms covers issues that matter most to our avid followers spanning beauty, fashion, parenting tips, style, relationships and career advice. Hispanicize is the leading platform for Millennial Latinx influencers, content creators and trendsetters with a skew towards U.S. Latinas.  Mi Padrino is the leading platform to help Latinas and their families organize, plan and fund celebrated life events such as Quinceañeras, weddings and baby showers with the ability for brands to organically surround the celebrations online and off.  Finally, BeLatina is a leading Latina digital platform spanning fashion, politics, technology, celebrities, health, beauty, work, sex, friendship, food and more. BeLatina’s smart, informative and fun editorial aims to inspire its core Latina audience to be the best versions of themselves, and compel them to reach outward, especially with regard to human and women’s rights.

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NGL Collective is a pioneer of new media and entertainment that connects advertisers and New Generation Latinos (NGLs) through video across platforms in-language, in-culture and in-context. Decades before it was cool, understood or even acceptable to talk about the NGL majority that is driving growth in America, NGL Collective was dedicated to modernizing the way advertisers reach and engage New Generation Latinos.  As the group who coined the term “New Generation Latino,” we know NGLs best and help advertisers connect with them in more ways than anyone through our end-to-end video content and media solutions delivered through our NGL Media and NGL Studios divisions.

BeLatinaLike our readers, we at BeLatina are a team of Latina/Afro-Latinx writers and editors are from diverse backgrounds with an endless range of interests. What we all have in common with each other is that we are insatiably curious about the world. We care about what’s working and what isn’t, about fashion, politics, technology, celebrities, health, beauty, work, sex, friendship, food, and more. We write stories in a way that’s smart, informative, fun, and supportive — of your relationships, your choices, your goals, and you. To inspire readers to be their best versions of themselves, but to also compel them to reach outward in activism, especially with regard to human, and of course, women’s rights. At our core, we’re in search of experiences — the kinds that could change our night, the kinds that could change our mind, and the kinds that could change our life.

Mi PadrinoMi Padrino is an event planning service to help parents and families organize, plan, and fund events celebrated in the Hispanic tradition. We help you organize and share the details of your events with your friends and family around the globe, instantly. Your loved ones can be a part of your celebration no matter where they are in the world.

Mi Padrino founders saw a need for a more efficient solution for organizing Quinceañeras, Weddings, Baptisms, and more for the Hispanic community. Mi Padrino is a one of a kind solution to plan and share your special day and we are so excited to offer this easy event planning platform to simplify this age-old tradition.

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