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YoAmo Media is the Leading Global Media Platform for Women, with Over 45 Million Followers

NEW YORK, May 29, 2018 – NGL Collective announced today an exclusive partnership with YoAmo Media, the world’s leading Latina media platform and the most engaged Facebook brand globally in any category, in Spanish. With over 45 million followers, YoAmo Media boasts the largest social media female audience and is the most engaged Spanish-speaking media brand on a global scale. NGL will be exclusively representing YoAmo in the U.S. Hispanic market, where it will serve as the centerpiece of NGL’s newly launched ELLA (Exclusive Latina Lifestyle Access) platform, dually leveraging NGL’s massive video scale and award-winning in-house production studio to U.S. advertisers.

“YoAmo Media is the largest and most engaged Latina media platform in the world. There is no close number two. When you combine that with NGL’s ability to super-serve Latinas across our video platform, the sum of those parts will enable advertisers to connect with the Latina audience at scale right here in the U.S.,” said NGL’s CEO, David Chitel.

As a pioneer of new media and entertainment connecting advertisers and New Generation Latinos through video across platforms in-language, in-culture and in-context, NGL’s Latina audience is verified by the likes of comScore, MOAT, Nielsen and TAG. Combined with YoAmo Media’s proprietary data science technology, NGL’s ELLA platform has the ability to deliver the coveted U.S. Latina audience across paid, owned and earned media like no other.

“YoAmo Media is pushing the limits to combine state-of-the-art data tech and a talented group of editorial and video teams to create the best experience for Latinas in the U.S. and around the globe. We’re thrilled to partner with NGL, a well-respected digital media and entertainment company exclusively focused on the U.S. Latino audience. Our assets are highly complementary,” said YoAmo Media’s CEO, Felipe Servin.

“We’re extremely excited about our exclusive partnership with YoAmo Media and are looking forward to offering our agency partners Latina-driven initiatives leveraging our full ELLA offering as well,” added NGL’s Chief Revenue Officer, Joe Bernard.

What began as a hugely popular Facebook page centered on shoes and fashion (aka “Zapatos”), YoAmo Media’s verticals have grown to include parenting (Yo Amo Bebe), fitness (Yo Amo Mi Cuerpo), travel (Yo Amo Viajar) and beauty (Stylish). Through cross-pollination each vertical’s organically conceived Latina audience has grown exponentially, yielding 19 million mobile visits, 28 million page views and 130 million video views per month. YoAmo’s ability to deliver content through sponsored video blogs, how-to videos, instant articles, original series and live video events offers advertisers endless possibilities to socially engage and amplify their Latina initiatives.

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NGL COLLECTIVE is a pioneer of new media and entertainment that connects advertisers and New Generation Latinos (NGLs) through video across platforms in-language, in-culture and in-context. Decades before it was cool, understood or even acceptable to talk about the NGL majority that is driving growth in America, NGL Collective was dedicated to modernizing the way advertisers reach and engage New Generation Latinos. As the group who coined the term “New Generation Latino,” we know NGLs best and help advertisers connect with them in more ways than anyone through our end-to-end video content and media solutions delivered through our NGL Media and NGL Studios divisions.

YoAmo Media is the leading global media platform for Latin women. With a 45 million+ digital network, YoAmo Media has the largest female audience in social media and is the most engaged Spanish-speaking media brand in the world. Through its data science technology, YoAmo Media creates original content — articles, social media, originals, short films, YoAmo Live and TV. They reach 500 million people a month, with 19 million+ mobile website visits, 28 million+ page views and 130 million+ video views.

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