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Aiming to reach an ever-growing population of multicultural millennials and viewers even younger, NGL Studios is expanding its original and branded content with an app and a new platform for comedy.

Today, the company announced it’s launching a comedy video platform it’s calling “EOP Comedy: With Liberty and Comedy for All (with the EOP standing for Equal Opportunity). According to NGL Media CEO David Chitel, the millennial and Gen Z audience is largely comprised of a multicultural population. In fact, he said 48 percent of Gen Z identifies as multicultural along with 43 percent of millennials.

During an interview on Friday morning after NGL’s presentation to marketers at the Digital Content NewFronts, Chitel said addressing a multicultural generation “in language at times and in context” is important for both publishers and advertisers.

“We’re a language-agnostic company,” he said. “In other words, we view Spanish as a tactic, not a strategy. Sometimes, what we do is in Spanish. At other times, what we do is in English. And, at other times, what we do a mixture of both of those things.”

EOP and the app are slated for the second half of this year, but Chitel said the majority of NGL’s advertisers prefer to build a campaign built “from the ground up.” In one example of branded content created by NGL, he described a four-part series for Ford Focus that featured Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero—two Latina stars from the hit show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

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