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#TotalMarketTalk Podcast – Ep. 2 (John Leguizamo & Luis Miguel Messianu)

Welcome to the second installment of the #TotalMarketTalk podcast. This episode features actor and @NGLCollective partner, John Leguizamo, in an amazing 1 on 1 conversation with our industry’s own, Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative Chairman and CEO of the award-winning @ALMA ad agency. Recently they sat down at the 4A’s Accelerate conference in Miami where John and Luis Miguel delved into their shared passion of elevating the Latinx community through their crafts, and opening up doors for others to follow. I won’t give any more away, but this is a conversation not to be missed. Special shout out to the @4As and @Bill Koenigsberg, CEO, Horizon Media for the special invitation to the conference to make this happen.

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