EOP Comedy (Equal Opportunity Comedy) is a native digital platform satisfying the cravings of today’s multicultural millennial audience by serving up authentic, quality, smart and relevant comedy co-founded by NGL Collective and Supreme Digital, a leading Latinx social media entity.

EOP is not about any one culture, but about the sum of the parts that reflects today’s American audience….albeit with a Latinx heart.

EOP’s Facebook Watch page lives under Supreme Digital’s massive Latinx-endemic social platform, leveraging a BUILT-IN AUDIENCE OF MILLIONS and the ability to organically drive views and engagement.

Coupled with our diverse roster of comedic multicultural talent from across the U.S., our massive reach, unique positioning, original style and association with comedic icon, John Leguizamo, EOP stands alone vs. everything else in the comedy marketplace available to advertisers.

Sponsorship Opportunities Include:

  • Custom Sketch Integration
  • “Presented By” Sketch Sponsorship
  • Custom Multi-Part Series
  • Celeb / Social Star Sketch Or Series