NGL STUDIOS’ collaboration with CVS featuring pop duo Domino Saints reaches 7.2 BILLION views on TIKTOK

NGL COLLECTIVE, the parent company of NGL STUDIOS, is the leading independent Latinx media and entertainment solutions company co-founded by actor John Leguizamo. In collaboration with CVS and Universal McCann, NGL Studios launched an original song written and performed by Domino Saints to raise awareness of the COVID-19 vaccine and its availability for all.

The video was directed by NGL Studio’s award-winning director Ben DeJesus and shot on location in California. The song needed to be a rallying cry: anthemic, catchy and something that would spread on TikTok across all ethnicities and backgrounds. Therefore, there was power in the anthem coming from two young millennials from the Latinx community, two segments that have been underrepresented in vaccination rates, presenting another opportunity for CVS to spread their message.

“I’m honored to keep telling important stories that resonate with audiences, whether it’s for broadcast or innovative platforms like TikTok,” said director Ben DeJesus from Los Angeles.

The song was performed by pop duo Domino Saints who added: “We are super happy to have the opportunity to write a song to support the CVS #OneStepCloser Campaign with a message of hope and encouragement for everyone during this difficult time.We wanted to remind people of all the beautiful things we must look forward to in this new stage for all of us.  We have the chance to come together and do things right.  It’s been awesome working again with our friends at NGL Studios who really ran with our vision and made it happen!

Our TikTok video is our true story of leaping #OneStepCloser to my mom, which I had not seen in a year, and getting to experience all the things we have been waiting to get to do.  We want to see everyone doing what they dream to do, and the vaccine is making that happen.  It’s awesome to be a part of that.  It was really fun doing this video stopping at all these cool spots, but the best part honestly was finally hugging my mom after such a challenging year.  Can’t wait to see everyone make their own videos showing that they can’t wait to be #OneStepCloser too,” said Domino Saints.

The campaign comes to life as a TikTok challenge where people are asked to share the people, places, and activities they are #OneStepCloser to once they’re fully vaccinated.

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